From speed camera lotteries to piano stairs: a collection of 7 nifty nudges spotted in the wild

Nudge Theory, as articulated by Nobel Prize-winning behavioral economist Richard Thaler, has spawned a universe of real-world applications. The principles of ‘choice architecture’ have since been applied by both savvy marketers and public policy makers.

“There’s no such thing as ‘neutral’ design. Small and apparently insignificant details can have major…

How to become a better writer in five simple steps

Piece of paper, a pen, and a cup of coffee.

There’s a certain self-consciousness when it comes to writing about writing. Writers suffer everlasting insecurity about the quality of their work, and I’m no exception.

However, I’ve found that teaching others something forces you to learn its in’s and out’s like nothing else can. And while I still feel unqualified…

Roger Federer tennis match
Roger Federer tennis match

Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World

Master the rules before you start playing


As I wrote in 4 Meta-Habits That Will Make You a Better Writer: if you want to write, you need to read. Nothing inspires a writer like reading someone else’s work. Words in, words out.

Whether you want to write your autobiography, start a blog, or produce a five-pound work…

How to set up your iPhone for maximum productivity and focus

When it comes to apps, a golden rule is “quality over quantity”. In a time where we’re being bombarded with notifications and different apps are screaming for our attention, simplicity is key.

Over the past few years, I have tried dozens of apps, to-do lists, and tools to make the…

How poker is the ultimate metaphor for life

The Biggest Bluff — Maria Konnikova

My favorite book of 2020 was The Biggest Bluff by Maria Konnikova.

To better understand how luck and decision-making affect our outcomes in the uncertainty of life, psychologist Maria Konnikova took up high-stakes poker and hit the casino circuit.

5 non-trivial ways marketers fool you with their prices

Price tag

Everyone realizes salespeople try to lure us into buying with prices like $4.99 or $12.95. By lowering the price by a few cents, the item ‘feels’ much cheaper.

Although this technique is still pretty effective, there are plenty of other tricks in the pricing playbook. Here are five psychological tactics…

Some are easier than others, but each one matters

Successful person staring at the sun

Habits are amazing things. They become the unseen foundations of our future selves. If you can replace a bad habit with a good one, you’ll live with the benefits for decades.

The best way to illustrate their power is by showing the impact of a string of 1% improvements over…

Your online presence matters.

Businessman wearing a suit

When someone searches for your name on Google, what will they find? Probably your Instagram, maybe Twitter, and perhaps some old photos on an outdated Facebook profile.

What if it happens to be a prospective employer or business partner who’s Googling you? …

David Foster Wallace’s famous speech about education and meaning

The sea

This post wasn’t written by me. It was written by David Foster Wallace, and delivered as his commencement address in 2005 to Kenyon College. …

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