From speed camera lotteries to piano stairs: a collection of 7 nifty nudges spotted in the wild

Nudge Theory, as articulated by Nobel Prize-winning behavioral economist Richard Thaler, has spawned a universe of real-world applications. The principles of ‘choice architecture’ have since been applied by both savvy marketers and public policy makers.

“There’s no such thing as ‘neutral’ design. Small and apparently insignificant details can have major…

“The score takes care of itself.” — Bill Walsh

A goal vs a system

We all know that the best way to achieve anything — learning a new language, getting into better shape, building a successful company— is to set specific, actionable goals. This is what New Year’s resolutions are all about.

Here’s an interesting thought experiment: if you completely ignored those goals and…

How to become a better writer in five simple steps

Piece of paper, a pen, and a cup of coffee.

There’s a certain self-consciousness when it comes to writing about writing. Writers suffer everlasting insecurity about the quality of their work, and I’m no exception.

However, I’ve found that teaching others something forces you to learn its in’s and out’s like nothing else can. And while I still feel unqualified…

5 non-trivial ways marketers fool you with their prices

Price tag

Everyone realizes salespeople try to lure us into buying with prices like $4.99 or $12.95. By lowering the price by a few cents, the item ‘feels’ much cheaper.

Although this technique is still pretty effective, there are plenty of other tricks in the pricing playbook. Here are five psychological tactics…

Yannick Bikker

I write about marketing, books, psychology & anything else that sparks my interest. Also a proud advocate of peanut butter (the crunchy kind).

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